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CategoryOptoelectronics => Display => LEDs => LED Lamps
DescriptionHigh Efficiency Red/green Bi-color Lamp
CompanyMicro Electronics
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MSGB51TAP High Efficiency Red/green Bi-color Lamp
MSGN39TA Ultra High Brightness Red,green Dual Color Lamp
MSZ2310TA-5 Ultra High Brightness Oval-shaped Super Red Led Lamp
MT14Y 26mm Diameter Led Lamp Cluster Series
MT7CA-1 22mm Square Full Spectrum Rainbow Led Lamp Cluster
MU0757AH Low Current Gaaias Red Led Dot Matrix Display
MU1231A-C Seven Segment Numeric Display
MU13001A 3 Single Digit Numberic Displays
MU131A 0.3 Single Digit Numeric Display
MU136A-NP 0.36 Single Digit Numberic Displays
MU136C-R 0.36 Single Digit Numberic Displays
MU1401A 4.0 Single Digit Large Numeric Displays
MU140C 4.0 Single Digit Large Numeric Displays

2N3706 :

BC738-25 :

ML79M24FA :

MR31 : Red Led Lamps

MS1369A :

MU1231A :

MLM-170R : Visible LED Conventional Brightness-gap, Gaasp and Algaas

MGB120DA-3 : Ultra HIGH Brightness Green LED LAMP

MLM-150DQ : SINGLE COLOR LED, AMBER, 2 mm Specifications: LED Type: AMBER ; Peak Wavelength: 609 nm (6090 Å) ; Luminous Intensity: 0.0400 milliCandela ; Forward Current: 15 milliamps

MY152A : 7 SEG NUMERIC DISPLAY, YELLOW, 13.2 mm Specifications: Display Type: Segmented ; Character Type: Numeric ; Common: Common Anode ; LED Color: Yellow ; Character Height: 13.2 mm (0.5197 inch)

MYB80D : SINGLE COLOR LED, YELLOW, 7.8 mm Specifications: LED Type: Yellow ; Peak Wavelength: 585 nm (5850 Å) ; Viewing Angle: 56 degrees

2SC1852 : 500 mA, 50 V, NPN, Si, SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTOR, TO-92 Specifications: Polarity: NPN

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AP23SGC-F : Material: Gap , Wavelength: 568nm. LED, 1.05mm THICKNESS. The Super Bright Green source color devices are made with Gallium Phosphide Green Light Emitting Diode. POWER CONSUMPTION. VIEWING ANGLE. FOR BACKLIGHT AND INDICATOR. COLORS AND LENS TYPES 2000PCS / REEL. Notes: 1. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches). 2. Tolerance is 0.2(0.008") unless otherwise noted. 3. Lead spacing.

NDL7560P : Ingaasp Strained MQW Dc-pbh Pulsed Laser Diode Module 1310nm Otdr Application.

OP599A : Sensor Phototransistor Transistor T-1 3/4. Variety of sensitivity ranges T-1 3/4 package style The OP599 series phototransistor consists of an NPN silicon phototransistor mounted in a dark blue plastic injection molded shell package. The narrow receiving angle provides excellent on-axis coupling. The sensors are 100% production tested for close correlation with Optek GaAlAs emitters. Optek'.

OPS690 : Plastic Sidelooker. Plastic Sidelooker 935nm Led Phototransistor.

PC1602-H : Character LCD Modules. Model = PC 1602-H ;; Module Size(w X L Mm) = 85.0 X 36.0 ;; View Area(w X L Mm) = 66.0 X 16.2 ;; Dot Size(w X L Mm) = 0.56 X 0.66 ;; Character Size(w X L Mm) = 2.96 X 5.56.

R1924A1 : Photomultiplier Tubes.

TLP592G : Pin = 6 ;; Package = Dip ;; Load Voltage Voff (Min.) = 350 (V) ;; Load Current Ion (Max.) = 0.12 (A) ;; On Resistance Ron (Max.) = 50 (Ohm) ;; On Resistance Ron (Typ.) = 35 (Ohm) ;; Output Capacitance Coff (Typ.) = 30 (pF) ;; ISOlation Voltage BVS (Min.) = 2500 (V) ;; = 1 Form A, Cost Effective.

UVP-757 : 0.7 Inch ( 17.22mm ) 5x7 Dot Matrix Led Display. Single color display have the choices of three bright colors-AlGaAs red/green/yellow. All device have gray face and white dot. The AlGaAs red LED chip are made from AlGaAs on a non-transparent GaAs substrate. The green LED chip are made from GaP on a transparent GaP substrate. The yellow LED chip are made from GaAsP on a transparent GaP substrate. Industuy.

XZMYK50W-1 : Material (Color) = InGaAlP(Yellow);; Lens = Water Clear;; Peak Wave Length = 590;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Min.= 18;; Iv(ucd) If@10mA Typ.= 75.

SML-LX23GC-TR : LEDs -; LED 2X3MM 565NM GRN WTR CLR SMD. s: Color: Green ; Lens Style/Size: Rectangle with Flat Top, 2mm x 1.4mm ; Millicandela Rating: 20mcd ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) Typ: 2.2V ; Wavelength - Dominant: - ; Wavelength - Peak: 565nm ; Current - Test: 20mA ; Viewing Angle: 90 ; Lens Type: Clear ; Luminous Flux @ Current - Test: - ; Package / Case: 1208.

C566C-BFS-CT0U0341 : LEDs -; LED 5MM OVAL BLUE 470NM. s: Color: Blue ; Lens Style/Size: Oval with Domed Top, 5.2mm x 4.6mm ; Millicandela Rating: 1615mcd ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) Typ: 3.4V ; Wavelength - Dominant: 465nm ; Wavelength - Peak: - ; Current - Test: 20mA ; Viewing Angle: 70, 35 ; Lens Type: Diffused, Tinted ; Luminous Flux @ Current - Test: - ; Package / Case:.

586-2706-220F : LEDs - Lamp Replacements White 6-36 VDC; LED E10 BASE T3-1/4 WHT 6-36V. s: Color: White ; Wavelength: - ; Size / Dimension: T - 3 1/4 ; Millicandela Rating: 650mcd ; Configuration: Single ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) Typ: 6-36 VDC ; Applications: Incandescent Replacements, Indicator Lights ; Can Replace Lamps: 40, 46, 1481, 1487, 1821 ; Base Type: Miniature.

Q8F1CXXG02 : LED , Panel Indicators, Pilot Lights; LED INDICATOR 8MM GREEN FLUSH. Distinctive and s 8mm panel mounting LED indicator 5mm coloured diffused epoxy lens or 5mm water clear super bright LEDs Bright chrome, black chrome or satin grey bezel finish Prominent, recessed and flush bezel styles x 0.8) terminals, pins or (200mm long) wire terminations IP67 sealing option (EN60529) Supplied with fixing nut and spring washer TECHNICAL.

SSF-LXH303OD : LED , Round with Domed Top, 3mm 2V 20mA Orange Through Hole, Right Angle; LED T-3MM 630NM ORANGE DIFF PCB. s: Color: Orange ; Mounting Type: Through Hole, Right Angle ; Configuration: Single ; Voltage Rating: 2V ; Current: 20mA ; Lens Style/Size: Round with Domed Top, 3mm ; Packaging: Bulk ; Lens Type: Diffused, Tinted ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free.

400445 : Touch Screens; 15.1 SURFACE CAPACITIVE TOUCH. s: Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

HT7945 : White LED Backlight Driver The HT7945 is a high efficiency DC-DC controller which can drive multiple WLEDs connected in a series/parallel configuration. The device has a wide input voltage, ranging from 4.5V to 26V, and an adjustable 15mA to 30mA WLED current, setup using an external resistor. In total, the device can support up to 88 WLED. In addition,.

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