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CategoryOptoelectronics => Display => LEDs => LINEARlight
DescriptionLinearlight, Red
CompanyOsram Opto Semiconductors
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Features, Applications

Available in various colors Small height Minimal heat generation Wide viewing angle Easy installation


Path & contour marking Edge-lighting of transparent or diffused materials Emergency/Rescue signs To couple light into transparent or diffused glass

white super red orange yellow green blue

Due to the special conditions of the manufacturing processes of LED the typical data of technical parameters can only reflect statistical figures and do not necessarily correspond to the actual parameters of each single product which could differ from the typical data.

Modules optimized for use with OSRAM The LINEARlight is certified according EN

Parallel connection up to three modules Only parallel connection allowed Smallest unit of 4 LEDs can be cut out at

regular intervals without damaging the rest of the module
(LxW): mm Size of printed circuit board (LxWxH) 4 mm
with screws or standard circuit board support hardware

Exceeding maximum ratings for operation and storage temperature will reduce expected life time or destroy the LED Module.

Exceeding maximum ratings for operation voltage will cause hazardous overload and will likely destroy the LED Module. The temperature of the LED module has to measured at the Tc-point according in a thermally constant status with a temperature sensor or a temperature sensitive label (available e.g. at RS-Components). For exact location of the Tc-point see drawing below.

The LED module itself and all its components may not be mechanical stressed. Assembly must not damage or destroy conducting paths on the circuit board. The mounting of the module is carried out by attaching it at the mounting holes. Mounting screws should be treated with synthetic washers to prevent circuit board damage and possible short circuiting.

The LED Module incorporates no protection against: Short circuits, Overload, Overheating. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to operate the modules with a electronically stabilised power supply offering protection against the above mentioned safety risks. For dimming applications attention should be paid to specific references in "OPTOTRONIC Technical Guide".

OSRAM OPTOTRONIC power supplies are specifically designed with the necessary protection features for safe operation.

When using other power supplies other than OPTOTRONIC the following basic safety features are required, in addition to any other application specific concerns and local safety codes: Short circuit protection Overload protection Overheat protection Correct output voltage

Correct electrical polarity needs to be observed. Wrong polarity will result in no light emission. Parallel connection is highly recommended as safe electrical operation mode. Serial connection is not recommended. Unbalanced voltage drop can cause hazardous overload and demage the LED module. Installation of LED modules (with power supplies) needs to be made with regard to all applicable electrical and safety standards. Only qualified personnel should be allowed to perform installations. A maximum of 3 Modules can be installed consecutively from any power feed. Operation with more than 3 LINEARlight modules will reduce photometric performance and exceed the current carrying capacity of the module. The LINEARlight can typically survive transient current levels to 2 Amperes. As a general design precaution, if the maximum output current of the power supply is more than 2 Amperes, fast- blow fuses should be incorporated into the wiring plan. Pay attention to ESD steps when mounting the module The module, as manufactured, has no conformal coating and therefore offers no inherent protection against corrosion. The ability to customize the length of the module by cutting at specifically marked points is a key feature of the product and hence the reason for no factory installed conformal coating. For these reasons, it is recommended that the user complete all module modifications first ( cutting, wiring) and then apply a conformal coating in the final stages of installation. Damage by corrosion will not be honored as a materials defect claim. It is the users responsibility to provide suitable protection against corrosive agents such as moisture and condensation and other harmful elements. For applications involving exposure to humidity and dust the module must be protected by a fixture or housing with a suitable protection class. The module can be protected against condensation water by treatment with an appropriate circuit board grade conformal coating. The conformal coating should have the following features: - Optical transparency - UV-resistance - thermal expansion matching the thermal expansion of the module 15-30*10^-6 cm/cm/K - low permeability of steam for all climatic conditions - resistance against corrosive environment The lacquer APL of the company Electrolube met the conditions for the LINEARlight in our tests.


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