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DescriptionBilateral Switch
CompanyUnisonic Technologies
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The is an analog switch which transmits signals from pin(Y Z) to pin or Y) with an active HIGH enable input pin (E). When pin E is LOW, the switch is turned off.


* Operation voltage range: 2~5.5V * Low power dissipation * Very low ON-resistance: 26 (typ.) Vcc=3.0V 16 (typ.) Vcc=4.5V 14 (typ.) at Vcc=5.5V

Order Number Normal Lead Free Plating U74AHC1G66-AL5-R U74AHC1G66L-AL5-R Package SOT-25 SOT-353 Packing Tape Reel Tape Reel

U74AHC1G66L-AF5-R (1)Packing Type (2)Package Type (3)Lead Plating (1) R: Tape Reel (3) L: Lead Free Plating, Blank: Pb/Sn

PIN NUMBER SYMBOL Y Z GND E Vcc DESCRIPTION independent input/output independent output/input ground enable input supply voltage

ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (unless otherwise specified)(Note 1)

SYMBOL RATINGS UNIT Supply Voltage VCC -0.5~7 V Enable Input Voltage -0.5~7 V Enable Input Clamp Current IEK -20 mA Switch Diode Current ISK ±20 mA On-State Switch ±25 mA VCC or GND Current ICC ±75 mA Power Dissipation 250 mW Storage Temperature TSTG ~ +150 Note 1. The input and output voltage ratings may be exceeded if the input and output current ratings are observed. 2. Absolute maximum ratings are those values beyond which the device could be permanently damaged. Absolute maximum ratings are stress ratings only and functional device operation is not implied. 3. To avoid drawing Vcc current out of pin Z, when switch current flows into pin Y, the voltage drop across the bidirectional switch must not exceed 0.4V. If the switch current flows into pin Z, no Vcc current will flow out of pin Y. In this case there is no limit for the voltage drop across the switch, but the voltage at pins Y and Z may not exceed Vcc or GND.

PARAMETER Supply Voltage Enable Input Voltage Switch Voltage Input Transition Rise or Fall Rate Operating Temperature SYMBOL VCC VE VS t/v TA SYMBOL VIH VCC=5.5V, VE =VCC or GND TEST CONDITIONS MIN 2 0 TYP 5.0 MAX 5.5 VCC 20 125 MAX UNIT V ns/V

PARAMETER High-Level Input Voltage Low-Level Enable Input Leakage Current State Switch Current ON-Resistance (Peak) OFF ON VIL IE(LEAK) IS UNIT V

Enable Input Capacitance 10 pF Maximum Switch CS Independent I/O 10 pF Capacitance Note 4. With supply voltages at or near 2V, the analog switch on-state resistance becomes very nonlinear. Only digital signals should be transmitted at these low supply voltages.

VCC=5.5V, |Vs |=VCC -GND VCC=5.5V VCC=2.0V, VIS= VCC to GND, IS=1mA RON(PEAK) VI s= VCC to GND, IS=10mA (Note VI s= VCC to GND, IS=10mA VCC=2.0V, VIS = VCC, IS=1mA VCC=2.0V, VIS = GND, IS=1mA VCC=3.0V~3.6V, VIS = VCC, IS=10mA RON(RAIL) VCC=3.0V~3.6V, VIS = GND, IS=10mA VCC=4.5V~5.5V, VIS= VCC, IS=10mA VCC=4.5V~5.5V, VIS= GND, IS=10mA VCC=5.5V,VE =VCC or GND,VIS= GND or IQ VCC, VOS=VCC or GND CE VE=VCC or GND


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