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Part number
58920  12  -  -  


Part information

2 C/O or 3 C/O contacts Cadmium-free contacts DC and AC coils Mechanical indicator as standard Electrical indicator New test system with front operated finger protected push-to-test button and integral locking test tab White write on panel Applications Mechanical engineering, plant control

Contact data Configuration 2 C/O contacts or 3 C/O contacts Type of contact single cont. bifurcated cont. Rated current A 4A Rated voltage / max.breaking voltage 250 Vac / 440 Vac Rated breaking capacity 500 VA Make current (max. s at duty cycle A 8A Contact material AgNi 90/10

Contact life
Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
6-1393090-4 Relay 2pole 24vac
Category: Discrete - Solid State relays
6-1393090-7 -
6-1393090-8 -
6-1393091-8 -


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