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Part number
6968  13  Crydom Co.  -  
35800  2014  Crydom Co.  OUTPUT MODULE DC 13MA 24VDC  
48405  12  -  -  
10000  -  Crydom Co.  yes  
48405  12  -  -  
48405  12  -  -  
35800  2014  Crydom Co.  OUTPUT MODULE DC 13MA 24VDC  
498101  12  -  -  
100000  -  Crydom Co.  -  
498101  12  -  -  


Part information

DC Output Modules Status Indicating LED on X4 Series and 4A Fuse UL, CSA, and CE

Solid state I/O switching modules deliver an electrically clean, photo-isolated, noise-free "output" interface from logic level control systems to external loads such as motors, valves, solenoids, etc. or an "input" interface from the load or sensors to microprocessor or computer-based logic level systems. Designed for long, reliable service in demanding industrial environments.

Nominal Input Voltage [Vdc] Min. Input V oltage @ pin 3 [Vdc] (X4 Series) Max. Input Voltage @ pin 3 [Vdc] (X4 Series) Must

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
MODC24A IO Modules. Mini3 Amps DC60 Volts DC15 Control - Volts DC
Category: Discrete
Crydom Corporation
SM-ODC24A SM Series Output Modules -


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