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Part number
256000  12  -  -  


Part information

The combination of knowledge in the field of sensor technology and perfectly matched materials are key to this precise platinum thin-film temperature sensor. It shows an excellent long-term stability and resistance to thermal shock at temperatures to a maximum 600 C. The chip dimensions 2 mm (length x width) are available on the basis value 100, 500 and 1000 ohms at DIN EN 60751 tolerance class or better.

Wide temperature range Resistance to thermal shock Excellent long-term stability Easy interchangeability

Nominal resistance: Temperature range: Classes: Tolerance classes: others

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
P0K1.520.6W.A.010 SENSOR, PT100, 600C, CLASS B. Specifications: Temperature Sensing Range: -200C to +600C ; Resistance: 100ohm
Category: Sensors & Transducers - Temperature
P0K1.520.6W.B.010 - -
P0K1.520.6W.Y.010 SENSOR, PT100, 600C, CLASS Y. Specifications: Temperature Sensing Range: -200C to +600C ; Resistance: 100ohm -


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