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Part number
45000  2016  ST  TO 92 TOPGLASS  
10000  2008  -  -  
9615  12  ST  TO-92-3  
21518  11-12  ST  TO 92 TOPGLASS  
45000  2013  ST  TO 92 TOPGLASS  
13860  13  ST  -  
10000  2008  -  -  
50752  07/1344/15  ST  TO92TOPGL/TO92/  
492100  12  -  -  
10000  2008  -  -  
8148  DC07  ST  -  


Part information

Passivated triacs in conventional and surface mounting packages. Intended for use in applications requiring high bidirectional transient and blocking voltage capability. Available in a range of gate current sensitivities for optimum performance. Product availability: in SOT223.

s Home appliances s Fan controllers s Small motor control s Small loads in industrial process control.

Table 1: Pin Pinning (TO-92), SOT223, simplified outline and symbol Description terminal 2 (T2) gate (G) terminal 1 (T1)

Table Z0109MN Z0109NN Ordering information Voltage (VDRM) 800 V Gate

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
Z0103NA 4-Quadrant triacs. Z0103/07/09 Series; Triacs;; Package: SOT54B
Category: Discrete - Thyristors
Philips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
Z0103NA 0.8A - 1A - 4A - 6A - 8A. 1A Triacs ST Microelectronics, Inc.
Z0103NA1AA2 - -
Z0103NA2AL2 1a Triacs -
Z0103NA5AA4 - -
Z0103NA5AL2 1A Triacs -
Z0103NA0 4Q Triac Planar passivated sensitive gate four quadrant triac in a SOT54 (TO-92) plastic package intended for use in applications requiring enhanced noise immunity and direct interfacing to logic ICs and low power Philips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
Z0103NA,412 Triac Discrete Semiconductor Product 1A 800V Logic - Sensitive Gate; TRIAC 800V 1A TO-92. Specifications: Triac Type: Logic - Sensitive Gate ; Configuration: Single ; Voltage - Off State: 800V ; Current - On State (It (RMS)) (Max): 1A ; Voltage - Gate Trigger (Vgt) (Max): 1.3V ; Current - Gate
Category: Discrete Semiconductor Products
NXP Semiconductors
Z0103NA0,412 - -


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