EN95 part details
CategoryBatteries => Batteries Non-Rechargeable
TitleBattery, Industrial, Alkaline, 17000 Mah, 1.5 V, D, Raised Positive And Flat Negative, 34.2 Mm
CompanyEnergizer Battery Company
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Battery TechnologyAlkaline
Battery Capacity17Ah
Battery Voltage1.5V
Battery Size CodeD
Battery TerminalsRaised Positive and Flat Negative
External Diameter34.2mm
External Height61.5mm
External Width-
External Depth-
Battery IEC CodeLR20
Battery NEDA Code13A

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Features, Applications

Designation: Nominal Voltage: Nominal IR: Operating Temp: Typical Weight: Typical Volume: Jacket: Shelf Life: Terminal:


NOT INTENDED FOR RETAIL TRADE Alkaline Zinc-Manganese Dioxide (Zn/MnO2) No added mercury or cadmium IEC-LR20 1.5 volts to 300 milliohms (fresh) 130F) 144.0 grams (5.1 oz.) 56.0 cubic centimeters (3.4 cubic inch) Plastic Label 10 years at 21C Flat Contact

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