MN1604B1Z part details
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TitleBattery, Alkaline, 9 V, 9v, Snap Contact
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Battery TechnologyAlkaline
Battery Capacity-
Battery Voltage9V
Battery Size Code9V
Battery TerminalsSnap Contact
External Diameter-
External Height46.4mm
External Width26.5mm
External Depth17.5mm
Battery IEC Code6LR61
Battery NEDA Code1604A


Features, Applications

* Delivered capacity is dependent on the applied load, operating temperature and cut-off voltage. Please refer to the charts

and discharge data shown for examples of the energy / service life that the battery will provide for various load conditions.

This data is subject to change. Performance information is typical. Contact Duracell for the latest information

DURACELL® alkaline-manganese dioxide batteries are a popular choice for most consumer, industrial, and military applications where an economical, general purpose battery is required. Advantages include high energy output, reliability, long shelf life, and good low temperature performance.(1) The DURACELL® alkaline battery system is generally available in cylindrical and multicell configurations.

(1) Operating temperature range 130ºF) (2) Dimensions are IEC/ANSI standards.

Duracell pioneered the alkaline-manganese dioxide electrochemical system nearly 40 years ago. In the 1960-1970 decade, this battery system rapidly became the popular choice of designers in the ever-widening field of consumer electronics. The product information and test data included in this technical bulletin represent Duracell's newest alkaline battery products.

The zinc/potassium hydroxide/manganese dioxide cells, commonly called alkaline or alkaline-manganese dioxide cells, have a higher energy output than zinc-carbon (Leclanche) cells. Other significant advantages are longer shelf life, better leakage resistance, and superior low temperature performance. In comparison to the zinc-carbon cell, the alkaline cell delivers up to ten times the ampere-hour capacity at high and continuous drain conditions, with its performance at low temperatures also being superior to other conventional aqueous electrolyte primary cells. Its more effective, secure seal provides excellent resistance to leakage and corrosion.

The use of an alkaline electrolyte, electrolytically prepared manganese dioxide, and a more reactive zinc powder contribute to a higher initial cost than zinc-carbon cells. However, due to the longer service life, the alkaline cell is actually more cost-effective based upon cost-per-hour usage, particularly with high drains and continuous discharge. The high-grade, energy-rich materials composing the anode and cathode, in conjunction with the more conductive alkaline electrolyte, produce more energy than could be stored in standard zinccarbon cell sizes

The general characteristics listed below are a summary of the significant benefits of the alkaline manganese dioxide system. Each of the benefits is explained in greater detail subsequently in Section 5. This summary provides the designer with general guidelines for evaluating the alkaline-manganese dioxide system for a particular application.

Up to ten times the service life of regular zinc-carbon cells.

· Long service life at continuous, high drain discharge.· No need for "rest periods."· Low internal resistance.· Rugged, shock-resistant construction.

· Cost-effective on a cost-per-hour-of-service basis.· Good low temperature performance.· Excellent leakage resistance.· Long shelf life.· Worldwide availability at retail.

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