MS76BPK09 part details
CategoryBatteries => Batteries Non-Rechargeable
TitleBattery, Alkaline, 1.5 V, Pressure Contact, 11.6 Mm
DatasheetDownload MS76BPK09 datasheet
Battery TechnologyAlkaline
Battery Capacity-
Battery Voltage1.5V
Battery Size Code-
Battery TerminalsPressure Contact
External Diameter11.6mm
External Height5.4mm
External Width-
External Depth-
Battery IEC CodeLR44
Battery NEDA Code1166A


Features, Applications

Delivered capacity is dependent on the applied load, operating temperature and cut-off voltage. Please refer to the charts and discharge data shown for examples of the energy/service life that the battery will provide for various load conditions.

This data is subject to change. Performance information is typical. Contact Duracell for the latest information.

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