Circuit Protection - TVS

TV15C120J-HF: Tvs Diode 12vwm 19.9vc Smc
Tape & Reel (TR) ; Zener ; 1 ; 12V ; 13.3V ; Voltage
ESD02A3V3R25V: Varistor 25v 0402
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; ESD ; 3.3V ; 25V ; Air Gap ;
TISP4015H1BJR-S: Transient Protection Thyristor, 1, Overvoltage Protector, Do-214aa, 2
VERY LOW VOLTAGE BIDIRECTIONAL THYRISTOR OVERVOLTAGE PROTECTORS Digital Line Signal Level Protection -ISDN -xDSL 100 A "H" Series specified for: ITU-T recommendations K.45, K.21 FCC Part 68 and GR-1089-CORE These

TISP4025H1BJR-S: Protector Single Bidirect
TISP4030H1BJR-S: Protector Single Bidirectional
TISP4040H1BJR-S: Protector Single Bidirect 40v
B72650M301K94: Varistor 423v 400a 1210
Tape & Reel (TR) ; 423V ; 470V ; 517V ; 400A ; Number
ERZ-E05E201: Varistor 185v 1.2ka Disc 7mm
Tape & Reel (TR) ; ZNR® ; 185V ; 200V ; 225V ;
IP4220CZ6,125: Ic Usb Dual Esd Protect 6tsop
The IP4220CZ6 is designed to protect I/O lines sensitive to capacitive load, such as USB 2.0, ethernet, Digital Video Interface (DVI) and so on, from damage due to ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD). It incorporates
V680LT10PX2855: Varistor 990v 2.5ka Disc 10mm
Tape & Reel (TR) ; LT ; 990V ; 1100V (1.1kV) ; 1210V (1.21kV)
D5V0P4B5LP08-7: Tvs Diode 5.5vwm 13vc 4dfn
Features · 4 Channel of ESD Protection· Low Channel Input Capacitance of 4.8pF Typical· IEC 61000-4-5 (Surge): 3A (tp = 8x20µs)· Ultra Low Leakage Current 100nA (max)· Typically Used in Cellular Handsets,
SRDA05-4.TBT: Tvs Diode 5vwm 20vc 8soic
RailClamps are surge rated diode arrays designed to protect high speed data interfaces. The SRDA series has been specifically designed to protect sensitive components which are connected to data and transmission

SRDA12-4.TBT: Tvs Diode 12vwm 25vc 8soic
824540131: Tvs Diode 13vwm 21.5vc Do214ab
(Reverse) Peak Pulse Current 1000 µs (Forward) Peak Pulse Current 1) 8.3 ms single half-sine wave or equivalent square wave, Duty cycle = 4 pulses per minute 2) Mounted (0.03 mm thick) Copper Pads to each
SA10A-T: Tvs Diode 10vwm 17vc Do15
Features · Available in Lead Free Finish/RoHS Compliant Version (Note 3) · Case: DO-15· Case Material: Molded Plastic. UL Flammability Classification · Moisture Sensitivity: Level 1 per J-STD-020C· Leads:

SA20CA-T: Tvs Diode 20vwm 32.4vc Do15
A1220UA4RP: Sidac 4chp 100/180v 150a Ms-013
This is an integrated multichip asymmetrical solution for protecting multiple twisted pair 1 6 from overvoltage conditions. Based on a six-pin surface mount SOIC package, (R1) (T2) equivalent to four discrete

A1220UA4TP: Sidactor 4ch 100/180v 150a Ms013
A1220UB4LRP: Sidactor 4chp 180v 250a Ms013
A1220UB4RP: Sidac 4chp 100/180v 250a Ms-013
A1220UC4RP: Sidac 4chp 100/180v 400a Ms-013
A1220UC4TP: Sidactor 4ch 100/180v 400a Ms013
A1225UA4RP: Sidac 4chp 100/230v 150a Ms-013
A1225UB4RP: Sidac 4chp 100/230v 250a Ms-013
A1225UC4RP: Sidac 4chp 100/230v 400a Ms-013
A1225UC4TP: Sidactor 4ch 100/230v 400a Ms013
V385LA20APX2855: Varistor 558v 4.5ka Disc 14mm
Bulk ; LA ; 558V ; 620V ; 682V ; 4.5kA ; Number
LCP12-150B1RL: Thyristor 45a 8soic
Features · Protection IC recommended for ringing SLICs· Wide firing voltage range: +120 V· Low gate triggering current: 5 mA max· Peak pulse current: IPP A (10/1000 µs)· Holding current: 150 mA min. Applications ·
SM2S10AHE3/61T: Tvs Diode Sma
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; Zener ; 1 ; 2W ; Mounting Surface Mount ; Package
BSPH31000YPVR: 1000 Vdc 3 Pole Y Configuration
MAX6397LATA+T: Ic Sw Overvolt Prot 8-tdfn
The MAX6397/MAX6398 are small, high-voltage overvoltage protection circuits. These devices disconnect the output load or limit the output voltage during an input overvoltage condition. These devices are ideal

MAX6398ATT+T: Ic Sw Overvolt Prot 6-tdfn
MAX6399ATA+T: Ic Sw Overvolt Prot 8-tdfn
V510LU80BPX2855: Varistor 735v 6.5ka Disc 20mm
Tape & Reel (TR) ; LU ; 738V ; 799V ; 860V ;
9401450000: Varistor 47v 1ka Chassis
Bulk ; 47V ; 1kA ; 2 ; 30VAC ; 38VDC ;
V39ZS3PX2855: Varistor 35v 500a Disc 10mm
Tape & Reel (TR) ; ZS ; 35.1V ; 39V ; 42.9V ;
PRTR5V0U2AX,215: Tvs Diode 5.5vwm Sot143b
Ultra low capacitance double rail-to-rail ESD protection diode Ultra low capacitance double rail-to-rail ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) protection diode in a small SOT143B Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic

ESDA17-5SC6: Tvs Diode 14vwm Sot23-6
Features 5 unidirectional Transil functions Minimum breakdown voltage range: VBR min. 17 V Peak pulse power (8/20 µs); 150 W Tiny leakage current at stand-off voltage: High ESD protection level High integration
824500601: Tvs Diode 60vwm 96.8vc Do214ac
(Reverse) Peak Pulse Current 1000 µs (Forward) Peak Pulse Current 1) 8.3 ms single half-sine wave or equivalent square wave, Duty cycle = 4 pulses per minute 2) Mounted (0.03 mm thick) Copper Pads to each
ERZ-E07A471: Varistor 423v 2.5ka Disc 9mm
Bulk ; ZNR® ; 423V ; 470V ; 517V ; 2.5kA ; Number
BSPH2275TT: Surge Arrester 230v For 2 Pole P
AOZ8222DI-05: Tvs Diode 5vwm 10vc 3dfn
The is a two-line transient voltage suppressor diode designed to protect voltage sensitive electronics from high transient conditions and ESD. This device incorporates two TVS diodes in an ultra-small
P0300SBMC: Sidactor Mc Bi 25v 250a Do-214aa
Bulk Alternate Packaging ; SIDACtor® ; 25V ; 250A ;
SDC15.TCT: Tvs Diode 12.8vwm 21.2vc Sot23
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; Zener ; 1 ; 12.8V (Max) ; Voltage - Breakdown
ATV04A100J-HF: Tvs Diode 10vwm 17vc Do214ac
Working Peak Reverse Voltage: to 440 Volts Power Dissipation: 400 Watts RoHS Device Halogen Free Features - Glass passivated chip. - 400W peak pulse power capability with a 10/1000 µs waveform, repetitive

ATV04A101J-HF: Tvs Diode 100vwm 162vc Do214ac
ATV04A110J-HF: Tvs Diode 11vwm 18.2vc Do214ac
ATV04A111J-HF: Tvs Diode 110vwm 177vc Do214ac
ATV04A121J-HF: Tvs Diode 120vwm 193vc Do214ac
ATV04A130J-HF: Tvs Diode 13vwm 21.5vc Do214ac
P6KE12ARL: Tvs Diode 10vwm 21.7vc Do15
TransilTM, transient voltage surge suppressor (TVS) Features Peak pulse power: µs ) Stand-off voltage range 440 V Unidirectional and bidirectional types Low clamping factor Fast response time UL recognized Transil

P6KE150CARL: Tvs Diode 128vwm 265vc Do15
P6KE15ARL: Tvs Diode 12.8vwm 27.2vc Do15
P6KE15CARL: Tvs Diode 13vwm 27.2vc Do15
P6KE200ARL: Tvs Diode 171vwm 353vc Do15
P6KE24ARL: Tvs Diode 20.5vwm 42.8vc Do15
P6KE250ARL: Tvs Diode 213vwm 442vc Do15
P6KE300ARL: Tvs Diode 256vwm 529vc Do15
P6KE33ARL: Tvs Diode 28.2vwm 59vc Do15
P6KE39ARL: Tvs Diode 33.3vwm 69.7vc Do15
B72207S2950K101: Varistor Disc 7mm
Bulk ; Disc 7mm ; Through Hole
0603ESDA-MLP7: Suppressor Esd 30vdc 0603 Smd
Product description· Ultra-low capacitance (0.05 pF) ideal for high speed data applications· Provides Electro Static Discharge (ESD) protection with fast response time (<1 ns) allowing equipment to pass
V680ZS05P: Varistor 610v 400a Disc 5mm
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; ZS ; 612V ; 680V ; 748V
V180ZC1P: Varistor 162v 1.2ka Disc 7mm
Bulk ; ZC ; 162V ; 180V ; 198V ; 1.2kA ; Number
TVB170RSA-L: Thyristor 170v 150a Smb
Tape & Reel (TR) ; SiBar ; 220V ; 170V ; 4V ;
RCLAMP0524T.TCT: Tvs Diode 5vwm 15vc 10slp
RailClamps® series consists of ultra low capacitance TVS arrays designed to protect high speed data interfaces. This series has been specifically designed to protect sensitive components which are connected
9401390000: Varistor 470v 8ka Chassis
Bulk ; 470V ; 8kA ; 2 ; 300VAC ; 385VDC ;
SMA6J10A-E3/5A: Tvs Diode 10vwm 19.6vc Sma
Surface Mount TRANSZORB® Transient Voltage Suppressors FEATURES· Low profile package· Ideal for automated placement· Available in uni-directional polarity only· Excellent clamping capability· Meets MSL level

SMA6J10A-M3/5A: Tvs Diode 10vwm 15.7vc Do-214ac
SMA6J11A-E3/5A: Tvs Diode 11vwm 21.5vc Sma
SMA6J11A-M3/5A: Tvs Diode 11vwm 17.2vc Do-214ac
SP1002-01JTG: Tvs Diode 6vwm 16vc Sc703
Back-to-Back Zener diodes fabricated in a proprietary silicon avalanche technology protect each I/O pin to provide a high level of protection for electronic equipment that may experience destructive electrostatic

SP1002-02JTG: Tvs Diode 6vwm 16vc Sc705
TPD2E001IDRLRQ1: Tvs Diode 5.5vwm 100vc Sot5
LOW-CAPACITANCE 2-CHANNEL ±15-kV ESD-PROTECTION ARRAY FOR HIGH-SPEED DATA INTERFACES FEATURES ­ ±15-kV Human-Body Model (HBM) ­ ±8-kV IEC 61000-4-2 Contact Discharge ­ ±15-kV IEC 61000-4-2 Air-Gap Discharge·
0402ESDA-MLP7: Suppressor Esd 30vdc 0402 Smd
L· Ultra-low capacitance (0.05pF typ.) ideal for high -Mspeed data applications d· Provides ESD protection with fast response time S n· Low leakage current (<0.1nA typ.) reduces power consumption · PDA's·

B72582V300K62: Varistor 42.3v 800a 1812
Tape & Reel (TR) ; 42.3V ; 47V ; 51.7V ; 800A ; Number
SMP50-100: Trisil 100v Bidirect Sma
Features Bidirectional crowbar protection Voltage range from 320 V Low capacitance from 50 V Low leakage current 2 µA max Holding current: 150 mA min Repetitive peak pulse current : Telecommunication equipment

SMP50-120: Trisil 120v Bidirect Sma
SMP50-130: Trisil 130v Bidirect Sma
SMP50-180: Trisil 180v Bidirect Sma
SMP50-200: Thyristor 200v 150a Sma
SMP50-220: Trisil 50a 220v Bidirect Sma
SMP50-240: Thyristor 240v 150a Sma
SMP50-270: Thyristor 270v 150a Sma
SMP50-320: Trisil 50a 320v Bidirect Sma
SMP50-62: Thyristor 62v 150a Sma
SMP50-68: Thyristor 68v 150a Sma
V420LA10CP: Varistor 610v 3.5ka Disc 10mm
Bulk ; C-III ; 612V ; 680V ; 748V ; 3.5kA ; Number
824521750: Tvs Diode 7.5vwm 12.9vc Do214aa
1) Mounted (0.03 mm thick) Copper Pads to each terminal It is recommeded that the temperature of the component does not exceed +150°C under worst case conditions Operating Temperature Storage Temperature
RCLAMP1644T.TNT: Tvs Diode 5vwm 15vc
Features RailClamp® is a low capacitance TVS array designed to protect high speed data interfaces. This series has been specifically designed to protect sensitive components which are connected to data
CM1233-08DE: Tvs Diode 5.5vwm 10vc 16wdfn
Product Description The CM1233 is ideal for protecting systems with high data and clock rates or for circuits requiring low capacitive loading and tightly controlled signal skews (with channel-to-channel
V510LU10PX2855: Varistor 735v 2.5ka Disc 10mm
Tape & Reel (TR) ; LU ; 738V ; 820V ; 902V ;
NSA5.0AFT3G: Tvs Diode 5vwm 9.2vc Sma
400 Watt Peak Power Zener Transient Voltage Suppressor The NSA5.0AFT3G is designed to protect voltage sensitive components from high voltage, high energy transients. It has excellent clamping capability,
V300LC4PX2855: Varistor 420v 1.2ka Disc 7mm
Bulk ; LC ; 423V ; 470V ; 517V ; 1.2kA ; Number
PESD5V0L2UMB,315: Tvs Diode 5vwm 15vc 3dfn
Low capacitance unidirectional double ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) protection array designed to protect up to two signal lines from the damage caused by ESD and other transients. The device is housed
DF3D29FU,LF: Tvs Diode 24vwm 47vc
Note: This product is designed for protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and is not intended for any other purpose, including, but not limited to, voltage regulation. Note 1: For detail information,
CPDT6-24V4-HF: Tvs Diode 24vwm 47vc Sot23-6
Features -Common anode ESD protection. -IEC61000-4-2 Level 4 ESD protection. -Low operating voltage: < 24V. -Fast turn-on and low clamping voltage. -Marking code:E24V4 -Mounting position: Any. -Weight:
M1.5KE120CA: Tvs Diode 102vwm 165vc Case1
Bulk ; Military, MIL-PRF-19500 ; Zener ; 1 ; 102V ; Voltage - Breakdown

M1.5KE16AE3: Tvs Diode 13.6vwm 22.5vc Case1
M1.5KE220CA: Tvs Diode 185vwm 328vc Case1
M1.5KE250CAE3: Tvs Diode 214vwm 344vc Case1
M1.5KE36A: Tvs Diode 30.8vwm 49.9vc Case1
M1.5KE39CA: Tvs Diode 33.3vwm 53.9vc Case1
M1.5KE400A: Tvs Diode 324vwm 548vc Case1
M1.5KE47CA: Tvs Diode 40.2vwm 64.8vc Case1
M1.5KE51A: Tvs Diode 43.6vwm 70.1vc Case1
M1.5KE62CA: Tvs Diode 53vwm 85vc Case1
P6SMB170CA BK: Tvs Diode 145vwm 234vc Smb
Bulk Alternate Packaging ; Zener ; 1 ; 145V ; 161.5V
SMP100LC-120: Trisil 100a 120v Bidirect Smb
Features Bidirectional crowbar protection Voltage range from 400 V Low capacitance from 2 V Low leakage current: 2 µA max Holding current: 150 mA min. Repetitive peak pulse current: Trisils are not subject

SMP100LC-140: Trisil 100a 140v Bidirect Smb
SMP100LC-160: Trisil 100a 160v Bidirect Smb
SMP100LC-200: Trisil 100a 200v Bidirect Smb
SMP100LC-230: Trisil 100a 230v Bidirect Smb
SMP100LC-25: Thyristor 25v 400a Smb
SMP100LC-270: Trisil 100a 270v Bidirect Smb
SMP100LC-320: Trisil 100a 320v Bidirect Smb
SMP100LC-35: Trisil 100a 35v Bidirect Smb
SMP100LC-360: Trisil 100a 360v Bidirect Smb
SMP100LC-400: Trisil 100a 400v Bidirect Smb
824550101: Tvs Diode 10vwm 17vc Do214ab
(Reverse) Peak Pulse Current 1000 µs (Forward) Peak Pulse Current 1) 8.3 ms single half-sine wave or equivalent square wave, Duty cycle = 4 pulses per minute 2) Mounted (0.03 mm thick) Copper Pads to each
V251CA60: Varistor 354v 50ka Disc 60mm
Bulk ; CA ; 351V ; 390V ; 429V ; 50kA ; Number
SR70-TP: Tvs Diode 70vwm 7vc Sot143
Features · Halogen free available upon request by adding suffix "-HF"· IEC 1kv,24A( 8/20us)· IEC 15kv(air), 8kv(contact)· Low Clamping Voltage· Unidirectional Configuration· Protects 2 I/O Ports & Power
DF10G7M1N,LF: Tvs Diode 5vwm 12vc 10dfn
ESD Protection for: USB 2.0 USB 3.0 HDMI SATA/eSATA DisplayPort Interface Digital Visual Interface (DVI) MDDI PCI Express Note: This product is designed for protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD)
TV15C300JB-HF: Tvs Diode 30vwm 48.4vc Smc
Tape & Reel (TR) ; Zener ; 1 ; 30V ; 33.3V ; Voltage
V680LS10P: Varistor 990v 2.5ka Disc 10mm
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; LS ; 990V ; 1100V (1.1kV) ; Varistor Voltage
TPSMP10AHM3/84A: Tvs Diode 8.55vwm Do214aa
High Power Density Surface Mount PAR® Transient Voltage Suppressors VBR PPPM (for VBR 6.8 V) PPPM (for VBR 12 V) PPPM (for VBR 43 V) TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Protection for ICs, drive transistors, signal lines

TPSMP10HM3/84A: Tvs Diode 8.1vwm 15vc Do214aa
TPSMP11AHM3/84A: Tvs Diode 9.4vwm 15.6vc Do214aa
TPSMP11HM3/84A: Tvs Diode 8.92vwm Do214aa
TPSMP12AHM3/84A: Tvs Diode 10.2vwm Do214aa
TPSMP12HM3/84A: Tvs Diode 9.72vwm Do214aa
BSPM1A320D420LV: 320vac / 420vdc Mov Din Lv Spd
V39ZU6PX2855: Varistor 35v 1ka Disc 14mm
Tape & Reel (TR) ; ZU ; 35.1V ; 39V ; 42.9V ;
V175SM20: Varistor 247v 6.5ka Disc 20mm
The Littelfuse 20mm SMD Series is a surface-mount metal oxide varistor device, for use in applications requiring hi-energy / transient current capability. The AC rated parts are designed to operate continuously

V230SM20: Varistor 324v 6.5ka Disc 20mm
V250SM20: Varistor 354v 6.5ka Disc 20mm
V26SM20: Varistor 32v 2ka Disc 20mm
V275SM20: Varistor 389v 6.5ka Disc 20mm
V300SM20: Varistor 420v 6.5ka Disc 20mm
V320SM20: Varistor 462v 6.5ka Disc 20mm
1669-01: Signal Protect Field
Features Fits single or dual conduit ports Weatherproof Long life, high operational reliability Stainless steel construction Used for full weather protection of field transmitters and instrumentation operating

CG0201MLA-5.5MH: Varistor 8v 0201
Features Miniature 0201 package Fast response time to ESD strikes (<1 ns) Bidirectional protection Low clamping voltage Low leakage current RoHS compliant* Applications Smart phones Tablets Handheld devices
SMDA03: Tvs Diode 3.3vwm 9vc 8so
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; TVSarray? ; Zener ; 4 ; 3.3V

SMDA05/TR7: Tvs Diode 5vwm 11vc 8so
SMDA15CE3/TR7: Tvs Diode 15vwm 24vc 8so
SMDA24: Tvs Diode 24vwm 43vc 8so
SMDA24E3/TR7: Tvs Diode 24vwm 43vc 8soic
SMDB05/TR7: Tvs Diode 5vwm 11vc 8so
SMDB12C/TR7: Tvs Diode 12vwm 19vc 8so
SMDB15C/TR7: Tvs Diode 15vwm 24vc 8soic
SMAJ180CE3/TR13: Tvs Diode 180vwm Smaj
Tape & Reel (TR) ; Zener ; 1 ; 180V ; 500W ; Power Line
2800457: Assester Type 3 Sgl Phase
Pluggable type 3 arrester (device protection) for single-phase power supply networks with separate N and PE (3conductor system: L1, N, PE) with remote indication contact. Plugs can be checked with CHECKMASTER
V360ZT05PX2855: Varistor 324v 400a Disc 5mm
Tape & Reel (TR) ; ZT ; 324V ; 360V ; 396V ;
BSPM1347S2GR: 347 V Single Phase 1-pole Spd W/
IP4369CX4YL: Tvs Diode 5.5vwm 4vc 4wlcsp
The device is designed to protect high-speed interfaces such as High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), DisplayPort, USB, external Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (eSATA) and Low Voltage Differential
SMDJ120CA-T7: Tvs Diode 120vwm 193vc 214ab
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; SMDJ ; Zener ; 1 ; 120V ; Voltage
S2ZMMBZ15VDLT1G: Tvs Diode Sot23
Tape & Reel (TR) ; Surface Mount ; TO-236-3, SC-59, SOT-23-3 ; SOT-23
SMDA05CDR2G: Tvs Diode 5vwm 11vc 8soic
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; Zener ; 4 ; 5V (Max) ; Voltage - Breakdown
V480LS10P: Varistor 670v 2.5ka Disc 10mm
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; LS ; 675V ; 750V ; 825V
CPDT-12V: Tvs Diode 12vwm 25vc Sot23
Features -Common anode ESD protection. -IEC61000-4-2 Level 4 ESD protection. -Surface mount package. -High component density. -Marking code:E12 -Mounting position: Any. -Weight: 0.0078 gram(approx.). Company
V275LA40BPX1347: Varistor 389v 6.5ka Disc 20mm
Bulk ; LA ; 389V ; 421V ; 453V ; 6.5kA ; Number