RF/IF - RF Accessories

MB81.83MCXI: Accy Mount Bmm 3/4 58a Mcxm
LBMB1951BNCFI: Accy Mirror Mnt 3/4 A195 Bncf
LABH2400NN: Lightning Arrestor Bulkhead N-n
GBDPI: Mount Magn 3/4" Teflex Uhfm
MH-1: Microamp Housing Single Mb
Enclosure ; MB Circuit Board
GNFAKI: Mount Mgm 3/4 A195 Fak
SN111F5-NR: Snap Node End Device W/no Radio
Wireless Technology to Control and Monitor Anything from AnywhereTM The SNAP End Device has the onboard peripherals to demonstrate powerfulmonitoring and control capabilities right out of the box. You can control
L8: Accy Mount Mmm 3/8 58a
MAB195T17: Accy Mount Bmm 3/8 A195
JE1D3-CDA-A: Adapter Db9 Female - Rj45 Female
LBMB8PS: Accy Mirror Mnt & Brkt 17' Uhfm
MB195SMRPI25: Accy Mount Bmm 3/4 A195 Rsmam
MAF94012: Cable Assy Rg178 290mm Rpsma Fem
TMB8B: Mount Truck Rg58a 17' Bncm
V600-A40-W 10M: Wep 10 Extension Cable
MA-MT-M75-SBX: Safety Box For M75e
A800RO: Accy Misc Antenna Rr A800
XA-ACC-CS-L: Xbeebattery Pack Lithium 6v 3
RPB: Boot Protect Rubber For Analyzer
G8XSMI12: Mount Magn 3/4" 8x Smam
CAHRML12NM: Cable Rg316 12" R/amccdp-nmale
XTIB-R: Board Interface 1w Rs232/485
9XTend OEM RF Module RF Module Operation RF Module Configuration RF Communication Modes Appendices For OEM RF Module Part Numbers that begin with: XT09-R., XT09-M. The contents of this manual may not be transmitted
MB8FMEIP: Accy Mount Bmm 3/4 58a Fme
G8M25: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58a Muhfm
TMB820: Mount Truck Rg58a 17'
GR8B: Mount Mgm 3/4 58a Bncm
GR8UPST: Mount Mgm 3/4 58u Uhfm
PC89HK: Hardware Kit Pd8010 9010dkn
MAF94089: Cable Rg178 90 Fl
NF3605: Mobile Portable Base Station
MB174SMC: Accy Mount Bmm 3/4 174 Smcm
GB8TRPI: Mount Magn 3/4" 58a Rtnm
LBMB8: Accy Mirror Mnt & Brkt 3/4" 58a
MB87: Accy Mount Nmo 3/4in Brs
YMST18: Accy Misc Am
GB8TI15: Mount Magn 3/4" 58a Tncm
GMB195RSMI30: Mount Magn 3/4" A195 Smam
G16403: Accy Magn Mount 3/4 8x Nm
G8TRPI3: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58a Rtnm
SP6DC-BFF: Surge Prot 1/4wave Dc Grnd Nf-nf
CON-SOC-EVM: Trm 900 Tt Eval Module Socket
Socket Adapter
GM8: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58a/u 12'
· Ideal for small antennas 50 lb pull strength · Brass, ceramic magnet, and chrome plated steel materials are very durable and resist corrosion · Gold plated contact TeflexTM Cable TeflexTM Cable TeflexTM

GM8B: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58a/u 12' Bnc
GM8M: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58a/u Muhfm
GM8N: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58a/u Nm
GM8P: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58a/u Uhfm
GM8T: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58u 12' Tncm
GM8U: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58u 12'
GM8UB: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58u 12' Bcm
GM8UM: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58u 12' Muhfm
GM8UP: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58u 12' Uhfm
G195NI6: Accy Magn Mount 3/4 A195 Nm
G8: Magnetic Mount Chrome 3/4"
Laird Technologies is the world-leader in the design and supply of customized performance-critical products for wireless and other advanced electronic applications. Laird Technologies partners with its customers

MABTO: Mount Bmm 3/8
MB8: Mount 3/4" Hole Brass No Conn
YM78HD: Accy Mount Hdk78
DG-EXT-200-UU-B: Ext Cable U.fl-u.fl 200mm 25pk
GBDPST: Mount Magn 3/4" Teflex Uhfm
JR4R3-CL1-1F: Conn 1' Rpsma-male To Rpsma Fem
MAB16394: 3/8'' Brs Nmo Mnt
AFB: Accy Misc Frl Black
G8B10: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58a Bncm
LBM4538: Accy Bracket 3/8" Rt Angle 45deg
SP6-230RSMAM-RSMAF: Surge Prot 230v 6ghz Rsmaa-rsmaf
SCRTM4RA: Pcb Mount For M4 Antenna
A range of high quality antennae designed and manufactured for operation specifically with Low power short range telemetry systems. Using one of the following antennae will give optimum range and reliability
MTAC-LORA-868: Accy Card Lora
MultiConnect® ConduitTM is the industry's most configurable, manageable, and scalable cellular communications gateway for industrial IoT applications. Network engineers can remotely configure and optimize

MTAC-LORA-915: Accy Card Lora 915mhz No Ant
GB8MI: Mount Magn 3/4" 58a Muhfm
G8B: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58a 12'bncm
· Corrosion resistant materials used throughout for high durability and weather resistance · Neoprene seal for moisture protection · High 80lb pull strength will allow antenna to stay put · Optional rubber

G8MI: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58a 12' Uhf
G8N: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58a 12' Nm
G8P: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58a 12' Uhfm
G8TI: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58a 12' Tncm
G8U: Mount Magn 3/4" 58u 12' Cond Cbl
G8UB: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58u 12'bncm
G8UM: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58u 12'muhf
MB820: Accy Mount Bmm 3/4 58a
GMB8N: Mount Magn 3/4" 58a Nm
JR4R3-CL1-4F: Conn 4' Rpsma-male To Rpsma Fem
MA-MT-BAT37: Battery Li-ion 3.7v 1650ah
GR820: Mount Mgm 3/4 58a
TMB825: Mount Truck Rg58a 17'
G8BI27: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58a Bncm
DC-N2S-170-S: Network Ethernet Ctlr N2s-170
Intelligent and highly integrated Model 400 modem card-compatible solution for Model 170 traffic signal controller equipment Built on leading Digi embedded device server technology, the Digi Connect N2S-170

DC-N2S-170-S-10: Network Eth Ctlr N2s-170 10pk
AS: Accy Mobile Shock Spring Chrome
DG-EXT-BB-MM: Ant Mnt Larsen Bnc-bnc Magnetic
LK-ZBA-CN: Kit Power/telco China
GBR8UP: Mount Magn 3/4" Rg58u Uhfm
ZRSG-100: Signal Generator Zigbee
ZigBee Signal Generator ; Helicomm Modules
G195MI25: Accy Magn Mount 3/4 A195 Muhfm
LBMB8M25: Accy Mirror Mnt 3/4 58a Muhfm
B8062NCO: Accy Misc Rc B8062n Antenna
GMR8TI: Mount Magn 3/4" 58a Tncm
HWR6200: Accy Misc Allen Key (#8) 5
GMR195NI: Mount Mmg 3/4 A195 Chr Std
GB8X15SMASI: Mount Magn 3/4" 8x Smam
AO: Accy Misc Ab Antenna
DCE-ANT2412-ASSY: Ant Cover 2.4ghz 12dbi Dce-7x6x2
The DCE series die cast aluminum enclosures from Laird are designed for extremely long life in outdoor environments. The powder coat paint over aluminum construction offers unsurpassed resistance to corrosion.
ANT-LA6-NFF: 2-6ghz Light. Arr. N-fem.