ANFCA-4545-A01: Nfc Stamp Flex Antenna 45x45mm
FEATURES:· Ultra thin flexible antenna structure ( 220+/-46 m)· Peel and Stick antenna designs· Ferrite sheet backing optimizes magnetic fields· Wide operating temperature range to +85ºC· Matched to leading
ANT3-M24LR04E: Antenna Reference Board M24lr
Features SMD-inductor based antenna reference board for the M24LR04E-R Dual interface EEPROM Ready-to-use printed circuit board (PCB) including 4.7 µH SMD inductor acting an RF antenna on one side, and an I2C bus on the other
DLP-RFID1: Rfid Reader/writer Sngl-ch
· ISO 15693, 18000-3, Tag-itTM HF-I Compatible· Read UID/SID to 15 Tags Simultaneously· 13.56MHz Reader/Writer· Built-in Antenna: to 4-Inch Read Range· FCC/IC/CE Modular Approval in Place· Permanent Unique

DLP-RFID1-OG: Rfid Reader/writer Sngl-ch Oem
DLP-RFIDTAG: Rfid Transponder Tags Hf 10-pack
SRIX4K-A3S/1GE: Ic Memory Anti-clone Adhesiv Ant
13.56 MHz short-range contactless memory chip with 4096-bit EEPROM, anticollision and anti-clone functions Features ISO 14443-2 Type B air interface compliant ISO 14443-3 Type B frame format compliant

SRIX4K-SBN18/1GE: Ic Mem 13.56mhz 4096bit Eeprom
1638.002.01: Id Isc.pr101-a Proxy Readr 232
Bulk ; OBID® i-scan® Proximity PR101 ; Read / Write ; 13.56MHz ; ISO15693, ISO18000-3 ;

1638.003.02: Id Isc.pr101-usb Proxy Readr Usb
28141: Tag Rfid Rectangle 54x85mm
Fully-integrated, low-cost method of reading passive RFID transponder tags Single-wire, 2400 baud Serial TTL interface to PC, BASIC Stamp® and other processors Requires single +5VDC supply Bi-color LED for visual

28142: Tag Rfid Round 50mm
75-4700-2841-8: Mini Rfid Tracking Pad Reader
The 3MTM Mini RFID Tracking Pad is the latest RFID Tracking Pad from 3M. Designed for compatibility, the mini tracking pad will work with systems that already have a 3M tracking pad. With enhanced aesthetics,
RI-TRP-WEHP-30: Rfid Glass Transp R/w 80bit 23mm
FEATURES · Best in Class Cerformance Through Patented HDX Technology · Patented Transponder Tuning Provides Stable and High Read/Write Performance · 64 Bit Read Only, 80 Bit Read/write· ISO 11784/11785
28441: Rectangle Read Write Rfid Tag
Card ; 125kHz ; Read/Write
RR-IDISC-SAT-C-A: Rfid Ant Tuning Ctrlr 13.56mhz
Antenna Tuning Board ; LR Antennas
1638.007.01: Id Isc.pr101.m-a Proxy Readr Mod
FEATURES for various applications Anti-collision function Numerous communication interfaces: USB, RS232, RS485 Available as module or housing version 2 different reader modes Ideal for retail, industry,
M5E-C-DEVKIT: Kit Dev For M5e Compact
Mercury®5e ; Read/Write ; 860MHz ~ 960MHz ; Compact (M5E-C) ; Board
MF0MOU2001DA4,118: Ic Mifare Ultralight Fcp Pllmc
NXP Semiconductors has developed MIFARE MF0ICU2 - MIFARE Ultralight to be used with Proximity Coupling Devices (PCD) according to ISO/IEC 14443A (see Ref. 1 "ISO/IEC"). The communication layer (MIFARE

RX-HDT-KMAB-C1: Rfid Transpondr Key Fob 13.56mhz
Key Fob ; 13.56MHz ; Read/Write ; ISO 15693 ; 54.00mm x 28.00mm x 1.70mm
ATA5575M2330-DBB: Ic Rfid Idic R/w 128bit Wafer
Features Contactless power supply Contactless read/write data transmission Radio frequency fRF from 150kHz 128-bit EEPROM user memory: 16 Bytes (8 Bits each) 8-bit configuration memory High Q-antenna tolerance

ATA5575M2330-DBN: Ic Rfid Idic R/w 128bit Tape
ATA5575M2330-DDB: Ic Rfid Idic R/w 128bit Wafer
365: 5 Tag Assortment Mifare 13.56mhz
One of each of our favorite Mifare Classic 1K tags 5 in total! · Credit card size· 1" diameter 'laundry' clear tag· 1" diameter 'laundry' white tag· Key fob· Sticker These can be read by almost any 13.56MHz
SLRC40001T/OFE,112: Ic I.code Slrc400 Reader 32so
This data sheet describes the functionality of the SLRC400 Integrated Circuit (IC). It includes the functional and electrical specifications and from a system and hardware viewpoint gives detailed information
CLEV663B,699: Eval Reader Blueboard Clrc663
Reader Module ; 13.56MHz ; CLRC663 ; Board
PN5321A3HN/C106,51: Ic Nfc Near Field Ctlr 40hvqfn
Product short data sheet COMPANY PUBLIC The is a highly integrated transceiver module for contactless communication at 13.56 MHz based on the 80C51 microcontroller core. It supports 6 different operating

V680S-A41 2M: Ant To Rj Cable 2m
Adapter Cable
MF3ICDH4101DUD/05,: Ic Smart Card 4k Eeprom Ffc
Bulk ; MIFARE® ; RFID Transponder ; 13.56MHz ; ISO 14443, MIFARE ; UART ;
B82450A1004A: Transponder Coil 1mh Smd
¤EPCOS AG 2015. Reproduction, publication and dissemination of this publication, enclosures hereto and the information contained therein without EPCOS' prior express consent is prohibited. Ferrite core

B82450A2364A: Transponder Coil 2.36mh Smd
B82450A7004A: Transponder Coil 7mh Smd
RR-IDISC-M01-B: Rfid Rdr Mod Rs232(cmos) 13.56m
Bulk ; OBID® i-scan M01 ; Read / Write ; 13.56MHz ; ISO15693 ; 75mm x 50mm x 12mm
1638.000.01: Id Isc.mr101-a Mid Range Reader
Bulk ; OBID® i-scan® HF Mid Range MR101 ; Read / Write ; 13.56MHz ; ISO15693 ; 145mm x 85mm

1638.001.02: Id Isc.mr101-usb Mid Readr Usb
1638.005.01: Id Isc.mr101.m-a Midrange Reader
700069: Rfid Nfc Hf Dry Inlay Ad-721
Common Applications Retail Environment Print Media Miscellaneous Applications Un-wind direction Core size with adaptor insert Label in [21 mm] Diameter in [25 mm] Diameter PET General purpose permanent

700070: Rfid Nfc Hf Wet Ps Inlay Ad-721
750027: Rfid Nfc Hf Label Inlay Ad-721
SL3S1002FTB1,115: Ic Ucode G2xm Ftb1 3xson
The UHF EPCglobal Generation 2 standard allows the commercialized provision of mass adoption of UHF RFID technology for passive smart tags and labels. Main fields of applications are supply chain management

SL3S1202FTB1,115: Ic Ucode G2xl Ftb1 3xson
V680-A-WA4003: Multi-purpose Charger
MLX90130RLQ-ADA-000-TU: Ic Txrx Rfid 13.56mhz 32qfn
B82451N4754E2: Transponder Coil 4.75mh Smd
EPCOS AG 2015. Reproduction, publication and dissemination of this publication, enclosures hereto and the information contained therein without EPCOS' prior express consent is prohibited. Construction
MF1MOA4S20/D,118: Ic Mifare Ultralight Pllmc
PN5310A3HN/C203,51: Ic Transmission Mod 40-hvqfn
2867704: Rad-pig-ef316-n-n
Adapter cable, 50 cm pigtail, N (male) N (female), 50 impedance Packing unit Weight per Piece (excluding packing) Custom tariff number Country of origin Ambient temperature (operation) Ambient temperature
SP-AN-BB: Uhf Broadband Antenna
860MHz ~ 960MHz
113990015: 13.56mhz Rfid Book Tag
RR-IDISC-ANT-PS-B: Rr-idisc-ant-ps-b
Bulk ; 13.56MHz
WF-SM-ID: Smartmark Uhf Cr80 Card
AS3953-DK-TAGS: Board Demo For As3953
2. Hardware Description. 4 2.1. Demo Board Description. 4 2.1.1. Analog Tag Board Layout (Typical). 5 Antenna characterization. 6 2.2. BOM. 8 2.2.1. Controller board. 8 3. Software Description.
100217: Rfid Inlay Label Uhf Ad-380il
Dimensions: x 30 mm] Operating Frequency: Global 960MHz) RF Protocol: ISO-18000-6C, EPC Class 1 Gen 2 Chip: NXP UCODE G2iL EPC Memory: 128 bit TID Memory: 96 bits with 48 bit unique serial number Common

600349: Rfid Inlay Dry Uhf Ad-380il
600351: Rfid Inlay Ps Wet Uhf Ad-380il
2800: Micro Nfc/rfid Transponder - Nta
This tiny micro NFC/RFID tag is super small, and contains an NTAG203 chip plus antenna. It's super tiny, flexible and a great way to DIY an RFID or NFC device if you're interested in designing your own ring,
20934050101: Rfid Rf-m3000 Batterie 4400mah
RR-IDISC-MR100-A: Rfid M-range Rdr Rs232 13.56mhz
Bulk ; OBID® i-scan Multitag MR100 ; Read / Write ; 13.56MHz ; ISO15693 ; 145mm x 85mm
1916.000.01: Id Cpr.m02.vp/ab-b Reader Mod
Anti-collision function Multi-tag reader for ISO-tags 14443-A, -B and 15693 (e.g.MIFARE, I CODE, Tag-it, my-d, STM) supports the safety functions of well-known 13.56 Mhz transponders by attaching an appropriate

1916.001.01: Id Cpr.m02.vp/ab-ba Reader Mod
ATA5279P-PLPW 19: Ic Antenna Dvr Six-fold 48vqfn
PTEV501B,699: Board Nfc P-p Univ Card Emu
Near Field Communication ; 13.56MHz ; PT501 ; Board
361: Tag Rfid/nfc Mifare 13.56mhz Clr
This is a blank MiFare Classic 'laundry' tag - often used for laundry or identification but also found in other systems where a small proximity card is desired. This one is clear! The tag contains a NXP S50 chip
ATA2270-U3: Kit Rfid Idic Upgrade 125/134khz
Read/Write ; 125kHz, 134.2kHz ; Board
TRF7960ATB: Board Target For Trf7960a
Reader Module ; 13.56MHz ; TRF7960A ; Module
ANFCA-2525-A02: Nfc Stamp Flex Antenna 25x25mm
FEATURES:· Ultra thin flexible antenna structure ( 220+/-46 m)· Peel and Stick antenna designs· Ferrite sheet backing optimizes magnetic fields· Wide operating temperature range to +85ºC· Matched to leading
V680-D1KP54T: V680 Tag
· High-speed communications and highly reliable communications provided with an electromagnetic induction system and unique technology. · Antennas and RF Tags with excellent environmental resistance.·

V680-D1KP66T-SP: Pfa Pkg - 34mm Sq 1k Non Metal
V680-H01-V2: Read/write Antenna W/built In
V680-HAM42-DRT: Devicenet Rfid Ctrl
V680-HAM81: Sensor Id Flag Ctrl Pnp
V680-HAM91: Sensor Id Flag Ctrl Npn
V680-HS52-R 12.5M: Robotic Hf M22 Dia. Antenna
V680-HS52-R 2M
V680-HS52-W 12.5M: Ip67 Hf M22 Dia Antenna
V680-HS52-W 2M: Ip67 Hf M22 Dia. Antenna
V680-HS63-R 12.5M: Robotic Hf Block Antenna
EVAL-ST95HF: Evaluation Board For St95hf
Features · Ready to use printed circuit board with ST95HF 13.56 MHz transceiver 32 lead 5x5 mm VFQFPN package: ­ Reader mode: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A; ISO/IEC 15693; ISO/IEC 18092. ­ Card Emulation mode:
RI-TRP-W9UR-30: Rfid 85mm Disk Transp R/w 80bit
Encapsulated ; Passive ; 134.2kHz ; Read/Write ; 80b (User) ; ISO 11784, ISO 11785
ST95HF-VMD5T: Ic Nfc Transceiver Tag 32vfqfpn
Features Operating modes supported: ­ Reader/Writer ­ Card Emulation (ISO/IEC 14443-3 Type A) ­ Peer-to-Peer Hardware features ­ Dedicated internal frame controller ­ Highly integrated Analog Front End (AFE)
RI-UHF-STRAP-08: Rfid Uhf Gen Ii Strap
FEATURES MHz Global Operating Frequency· Supports Optional Gen2 Commands: Block Code (EPCTM), 32-bit Access Password, 32bit KILL Password, 32-bit TID memory (Factory Programmed and Locked) Consumption
V680-D1KP66MT: 34mm Sq, 1k Metal Mount
Encapsulated ; Passive ; 13.56MHz ; Read/Write ; 1kB (User) ; -25°C
AT24RF08-EK: Kit Eval For At24rf08cn-10sc
Kit Contents Atmel Asset Identification Kit CD-ROM 4 RFID Tags 1 Reader with Serial Port Cable 1 9V Power Supply Minimum System Requirements Windows® 486, or Pentium® processor-based computer - Microsoft
CLRC63201T/0FE,112: Ic I.code Hs Reader 32so
This data sheet describes the functionality of the CLRC632 Integrated Circuit (IC). It includes the functional and electrical specifications and from a system and hardware viewpoint gives detailed information
20937050101: Rfid Rf-m3000 Kunpcpcoff-pipcole
ARRTN5-915.000MHZ: Rfid Reader Passive Us
· High Gain· Easy to install· RF Cable and Connector· RoHS Compliant Center Frequency V.S.W.R Bandwidth Impendence Gain Polarization RFID systems for Logistic & Inventory Management of Retail, Pharmaceutical,
ATA5505-P3QW: Ic Rfid R/w 150khz 38qfn
Features · High Performance, Low Power Atmel AVR 8-bit Microcontroller· Advanced RISC Architecture ­ 123 Powerful Instructions - Most Single Clock Cycle Execution x 8 General Purpose Working Registers
RI-STU-251B-01: Rfid 2000 Rdr 134.2k 232/422/485
FEATURES · Best in Class Performance Through Patented HDX Technology · Automatic Antenna Tuning· High Power Output· Proven in Harsh Industrial Environments· Easy to Install and Use APPLICATIONS · Access

MFEV800/HAB,122: Kit Eval Mifare Rfid
MIFARE® ; Reader Module ; 13.56MHz ; MFRD700 ; Reader, Cable, Samples, Software
SM-GM-MH: Gemini - Mh
SM-MA-MH: Module M10 Uhf
4.1 Features. 11 4.2 Applications. 12 4.3 SkyewareTM Software. 12 5 Mechanical Specifications. 13 5.1 Connector Specifications. 14 6 Pinning Information. 15 6.1 Using the GPIO Pins. 16 7 Environmental
AT88SC1616CRF-MR1: Ic Eeprom 16kbit 13mhz M5r
Features One of a family of devices with user memory of 1 kilobit to 64 kilobits Contactless 13.56MHz RF communications interface ISO/IEC 14443-2:2001 Type B Compliant ISO/IEC 14443-3:2001 Type B Compliant

AT88SC1616CRF-MX1: Ic Eeprom 16kbit 13mhz Tag
1269.005.01: Id Isc.dat-a Dynmic Ant Tun Bord
FEATURES Easy ,,Plug & Play" Automatic tuning and retuning of HF Long Range Antennas without additional tuning devices Tuner is driven via HF connection Parameters or calibration status can be The Dynamic
RR-IDISC-ANT14-7C: Rfid Ant Typec 1400x700 13.56mhz
Bulk ; ANT1400/700 ; 13.56MHz
V680S-HMD66-ETN: Reader/writer 120x120
Read / Write ; 13.56MHz
DK-M9-CF: Kit Dev M9 W/m9 Cf Module
» Meets strict regulatory requirements for worldwide operation » Variety of tag vendor choices to comply with Wal-Mart, DoD, ATA » Low power consumption » Common Blade technology: common hardware and software

DK-M9-MH: Kit Dev M9 W/mh Cf Module
RI-I02-112A-03: Rfid Transponder In-lay 13.56mhz
RI-I02-112X-03 Tag-itTM HF-I Plus Transponder Inlays Large Rectangle ·1 ISO/IEC 15693-2, -3; ISO/IEC 18000-3 Compliant· 13.56-MHz Operating Frequency· 2048-Bit User Memory in 64 blocks × 32-Bit· User and Factory

RI-I02-112B-03: Rfid Transp Rect In-lay 13.56mhz
RR-IDISC-ANTMUX-A: Rfid 8x Antenna Mux 13.56mhz
Antenna Multiplexer ; HF Antennas
V700-A40-W 30M: V680 Antenna Cable, 30 Meter
V750-D04P096-R1: V750 Encap. 96byte Rynite Tag
RI-TRP-R4FF-01: Rfid Card Transponder R/o 64bit
FEATURES · Best in Class Performance Through Patented HDX Technology · Patented Transponder Tuning Provides Stable and High Read/Write Performance APPLICATIONS · Access Control· Vehicle Identification·

RI-TRP-W4FF-01: Rfid Card Transponder R/w 80bit
SL2FCS1001DV/DH,11: Ic I.code Epc Fpc
RI-TRP-BFOB-01: Ri-trp-bfob-01
Key Fob
75-0500-6593-9: Rfid Tag Premium 57mmx48mm
Description This tag is provided as a pressure sensitive label on a silicon paper liner. The tags are wound on a single tag width roll. The integrated circuit a 13.56 MHz 2048 bit memory design that is ISO 18000-3
PCJ7991AT/1081/M:1: Ic Fractional Npll 14-soic
M24SR16-YDW6T/2: Ic Nfc/rfid Tag 16kb Eeprom 8tss
Dynamic NFC/RFID tag IC with 16-Kbit EEPROM, NFC Forum Type 4 Tag and I²C interface Features · NFC Forum Type 4 Tag· ISO/IEC 14443 Type A· 106 Kbps data rate· Internal tuning capacitance: 25 pF · GPO:

M24SR16-YMC6T/2: Ic Nfc/rfid Tag 16kb Eeprom 8mlp
M24SR16-YMN6T/2: Ic Nfc/rfid Tag 16kb Eeprom 8soi
MF1SPLUS6001DA4/02: Ic Smart Card 2kb Eeprom Moa4
Mainstream contactless smart card IC for fast and easy solution development Migrate classic contactless smart card systems to the next security level! MIFARE Plus brings benchmark security to mainstream

MF1SPLUS8001DA4/03: Ic Smart Card 4kb Eeprom Moa4
DKY-RI-TRP-DR2B-30: Texas Instruments V640rfid Tag
Glass Encapsulated ; Passive ; 134.2kHz ; Read/Write ; 1.36kb (User) ; ISO 11784,