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513360-10: Switch Rotary Sp-10pos Bcd
Features·PC Mount, 30° Angle 12 Positions·.562" Diameter, 200 mA·Shaft and Panel Seal·Adjustable Stop Versions AllswitchesareprovidedwithPCmountterminals. Grayhill part number and date code marked on label.

513360-11: Switch Rotary Sp-11pos Bcd
513360-12-C: Switch Rotary Sp-12pos Bcd
513360-7: Switch Rotary Sp-7pos Bcd
513360-8: Switch Rotary Sp-8pos Bcd
513360-9: Switch Rotary Sp-9pos Bcd
513361-10: Switch Rotary Sp-10pos Bcd
513361-11: Switch Rotary Sp-11pos Bcd
513361-12-C: Switch Rotary Sp-12pos Bcd
HEDM-5500#B12: Kit Encoder 2ch 1000cpr 6mm
HEDM ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 1000 ; 5V ; 6mm Open
01002-7905: Encoder, Incremental, XH25E-F1-SS-125-ABZC-15V/V-EM18
Shaft Diameter: 3/8" (1/2"as special feature) Flat On Shaft: 3/8" Shaft: 0.80 long X 0.03" deep; 1/2" Shaft: 0.80 long X 0.04" deep (1/2'' shaft w/flat must be ordered as special feature) Shaft Loading:
61C11-01-08-02: Encoder, Optical, 32 Positions, Yes Termination
Electromechanical Switches· Optically Coupled For More Than A Million Trouble-Free Rotations· Has Data Entry Pushbutton Switch Activated By Switch Shaft· Compatible With CMOS, TTL and HCMOS Logic· Operationally

61C22-01-04-02: Encoder, Optical, 16 Positions, Yes Termination
EVQ-V9C00116E: Encoder 16ppr Rotary Vert
18 mm Square Encoders (Water proof Type) Japan Features Water resistant Highly responsive clicking High precision and reliability ( )Each side: 0.5 L/30(mm)max. Applied 50 mN·m moment L=Length from mounting
HEDS-9780#H50: Encoder Small 2ch 400cpr 80khz
HEDS ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 400 ; 5V ; Codewheel
EM14R1D-R20-L032S: Encoder Opt Rotary
EM14 ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 32 ; 5V ; 6mm Dia Slotted
HEDS-9731#150: Encoder Small 2ch 360lpi Std
HEDS ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 360 LPI ; 3.3VDC ;
01005-1388: Encoder, Incremental, XH25E-F1-SS-12, 500-T5-ABZC-28V/V-EM18
Shaft Diameter: 3/8" (1/2"as special feature) Flat On Shaft: 3/8" Shaft: 0.80 long X 0.03" deep; 1/2" Shaft: 0.80 long X 0.04" deep (1/2'' shaft w/flat must be ordered as special feature) Shaft Loading:
RHI58N-0BAK1R66N-05000: Encoder, Incremental Rotary Encoder, 185388
EM14R0D-M25-L064N: Encoder Opt Rotary 64ppr Wo/sw
EM14 ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 64 ; 5V ; 6mm Dia Flatted
HEDW-9140-A00: Encoder Ht 3ch 500cpr 11mm
HEDW ; Optical ; Quadrature with Index (Incremental) ; 500 ; 5V ; Actuator
HEDS-9731#J51: Encoder Small 2ch 1024cpr Rnd
HEDS ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 1024 ; 3.3VDC ;
RHI90N-0ZAAAR61N-00100: Encoder, Incremental Rotary Encoder, 210270
AEDT-9140-E00: Encoder Mod Hi Temp 3ch 200cpr
AEDT-9140 ; Optical ; Quadrature with Index (Incremental) ; 200 ; 5V ; Actuator
RVI25N-06DASA66N-05000: Encoder, Incremental Rotary Encoder, 221734
EM14A0A-B24-L064N: Encoder Opt Rotary
EM14 ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 64 ; 5V ; 1/4" Dia Slotted
EM14C1D-E24-L008S: Encoder Opt Rotary
EM14 ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 8 ; 5V ; 1/8" Dia Slotted
EM14R1D-R25-L032S: Encoder Opt Rotary
EM14 ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 32 ; 5V ; 6mm Dia Slotted
93600451: Sensor, Rotary, 45 Deg. Electrical Rotation, 180 Deg. Mechanical Rotation
360° Non-Contacting Rotary Dual Output Hall Effect Sensor The BEI Duncan 9360 Series rotary sensor is a non-contacting Hall effect device with 360° of rotation and dual outputs. This rugged design is ideally

93600901: Sensor, Rotary, 90 Deg. Electrical Rotation, 180 Deg. Mechanical Rotation
93601803: Sensor, Rotary, 180 Deg. Electrical Rotation, Continuous, Mechanical
93603603: Sensor, Rotary, 360 Deg. Electrical Rotation, Continuous, Mechanical
HEDS-9700#H51: Encoder Small 2ch 400cpr Rnd
HEDS ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 400 ; 5V ; Codewheel
SL3015-X2/GS130-333: Encoder, Incremental Rotary Encoder, 131569
E30S4-100-3 V-5: Encoder, Incremental, 5vdc, 100rpm
· Miniature ø30mm shaft type rotary encoder· Easy installation at narrow space· Small inertia moment· Wide range of power supply 12-24VDC ±5%· Various output types Diameter ø30mm shaft type incremental
DVM58N-011AGR0BN-1212: Encoder, Absolute Rotary Encoder, 515191
61R128: Encoder Optical 128ppr Pc Mnt
61R ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 128 ; 5V ; 1/4" Dia Flatted
AS5247-HMFM: Ic Encoder Rotary 40mlf
14-Bit Dual-Die On-Axis Magnetic Rotary Position Sensor with 11-Bit Binary Incremental Pulse Count The is a high-resolution redundant rotary position sensor for fast absolute angle measurement over a full

HEDS-5540#A11: Encoder, Rotary, 500ppr, 3ch
& HEDS-55xx/56xx Quick Assembly Two and Three Channel Optical Encoders The HEDS-5600/5640, HEDM-5500/5540 and HEDM-5600 are high performance, low cost, two and three channel optical incremental encoders.
ENA1D-B20-L00064L: Encoder Opt Rotary
Features Two channel quadrature output Bushing or servo mount Square wave signal Small size Resolution to 256 PPR CMOS and TTL compatible Long life Ball bearing option for high operating speed to 3000

ENA1J-B20-L00064L: Encoder Optical Rotary 64 Cpr
ENA1J-B20-L00100L: Encoder Optical Rotary 100 Cpr
ENA1J-B20-L00128L: Encoder Optical Rotary 128 Cpr
ENA1J-B28-L00025L: Encoder Optical Rotary 25 Cpr
ENA1J-B28-L00064L: Incremental Rotary Encoder, En Series, Optical, 3000, Rpm, Quadrature Output, 64 Cycles
ENA1J-B28-L00128L: Encoder Optical Rotary 128 Cpr
EM14R1D-M20-L032S: Encoder Opt Rotary
EM14 ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 32 ; 5V ; 6mm Dia Slotted
EC09P20V-205: Encoder Rotary 9mm Vert 20ppr
AEDR-8723-100: Encoder Refl Opt
Optical ; Differential Voltage ; 4.5 V ~ 5.5 V ; Codewheel Not Included ; No ; Built
01002-9792: Encoder, Incremental, XH25D-SS-13-ABZC-28V/V-SM18
Shaft Diameter: 3/8" (1/2"as special feature) Flat On Shaft: 3/8" Shaft: 0.80 long X 0.03" deep; 1/2" Shaft: 0.80 long X 0.04" deep (1/2'' shaft w/flat must be ordered as special feature) Shaft Loading:
PEC11-4015K-S0024: Incremental Encoder
Features Push switch option Compact, rugged design High reliability Metal bushing/shaft Model PEC11 has been replaced by Model PEC11R per Product Change Notification details. Output.2-bit quadrature code

EM14A0D-C24-L032S: Rotary Optical Encoder; w/Switch; 14mm; 1/4in. D x 3/4in. L Flatted Shaft; 32PPR
Features RoHS compliant* HCMOS, CMOS and TTL compatible Compact package size High rotational cycle life Standard or high force push switch option Optional detent Electrical Characteristics Electrical Output.
EMS22D31-B28-LS2: Ic Encoder Tachometer Magnetic
Features 3.3 and 5 VDC voltage supply option Direction/Step output (Tachometer) Bushing or servo mount Non-contacting magnetic technology Small size CMOS and TTL compatible Resolution from 64-512 PPR Long

EMS22D51-B28-LS5: Encoder, Rotary, Direction/step
EMS22D51-D28-LT5: Ic Encoder Tachometer Magnetic
HEDS-5500#I12: Encoder Kit 2ch 512cpr 6mm
HEDS ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 512 ; 5V ; 6mm Open
9960-360-NS-5A-DM450: Sensor, Hall Effect, Rotary Position, Analog, 360 Degree, No SR, 2 Output
9960 Series Hall Effect Rotary Position Sensor BEI Sensors' Model 9960 Hall effect rotary position sensors are available in numerous standard configurations with fast, one week delivery. Available configurations
RVS58N-032AAR6ZN-01024: Encoder, Incremental Rotary Encoder, 226694-0001
AS5043-ASST: Ic Encoder Prog 10-bit 16-ssop
Programmable 360° Magnetic Angle Encoder with Absolute SSI and Analog Outputs The is a contactless magnetic angle encoder for accurate measurement to 360°. is a system-on-chip, combining integrated Hall

HEDS-9100#A00: Encoder Mod Opt Incremental 2ch
HEDS ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 500 ; 5V ; Codewheel
01002-8431: Encoder, Incremental, XH25D-SS-600-ABZC-15V/V-EM18
Shaft Diameter: 3/8" (1/2"as special feature) Flat On Shaft: 3/8" Shaft: 0.80 long X 0.03" deep; 1/2" Shaft: 0.80 long X 0.04" deep (1/2'' shaft w/flat must be ordered as special feature) Shaft Loading:
61R64: Encoder Optical 64ppr Pc Mnt
61R ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 64 ; 5V ; 1/4" Dia Flatted
RHI90N-0FAK1R6XN-01024: Encoder, Incremental Rotary Encoder, 213546-0009
HEDS-9730-350: Encoder Small 2ch 480lpi Str
HEDS ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 480 LPI ; 3.3VDC ;
600128C24: Encoder, 30 mA, 5 VDC (Nom.), 10 Kilohms (Pull-up), -40 to 65 degC, Optical
600 ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 128 ; 5V ; 1/4" Dia Round

AEDT-9340-B00: Encoder 6ch Comm Hi Temp 1000cpr
AEDT-9340 ; Optical ; Quadrature with Index (Incremental) ; 1000 ; 5V ; Actuator
HEDS-5500#I03: Encoder Kit 2ch 512cpr 1/8"
HEDS ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 512 ; 5V ; 1/8"
HEDS-9730#250: Encoder Small 2ch 300lpi Std
HEDS ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 300 LPI ; 3.3VDC ;
AEDB-9340-B13C: Mod Encoder 6ch 1000cpr 29mm 8mm
AEDB-9340 Series 1250/2500 CPR Commutation Encoder Modules with Codewheel The AEDB-9340 optical encoder series are six-channel optical incremental encoder modules with codewheel. The encoder is compliant

AEDB-9340-J13C: Mod Encoder 6ch 1024cpr 29.4mm
AEDB-9340-L13A: Mod Encoder 6ch 1250cpr 29.4mm
AEDB-9340-T13A: Mod Encoder 6ch 2000cpr 29mm
AEDB-9340-W06C: Mod Encoder 6ch 2500cpr 35mm
AEDS-9340-B00: Encoder Optical Z11 6ch 1000cpr
RHI90N-0LAAAR66N-01024: Encoder, Incremental Rotary Encoder, 209595
HEDS-5500#C12: Encoder Kit 2ch 100cpr 6mm
HEDS ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 100 ; 5V ; 6mm Open
62S11-M0-020C: Optical Encoder
Behind Panel Space· 1 Million Rotational Cycles, 3 Million for Non-Detent Styles· Optional Integral Pushbutton· Choices of Cable Length and XXX±.20 (XXX±5,1) CABLE LENGTH IS MEASURED FROM THE PCB TO THE BOTTOM

HEDR-55L2-BPL7: Encoder Module 2500cpr 5mm
HEDR ; Optical ; Quadrature with Index (Incremental) ; 2500 ; 5V ; Actuator
EVE-T23AH516B: Encoder Rotary 11mm Vert 16ppr
Mechanical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 16 ; Yes ; Yes ; PCB,
AEDS-8001-E11: Encoder Kit 3ch Increment 200cpr
AEDx-8xxx-xxx ; Optical ; Quadrature with Index (Incremental) ; 200 ; 5V ; Actuator
HEDS-9140#A00: Encoder Optical Gap 3ch 500cpr
HEDS ; Optical ; Quadrature with Index (Incremental) ; 500 ; 5V ; Actuator
E6F-AB3C-C 360 2M: Encoder Rotary 5-12v 360res 2m
· Absolute model.· External diameter of 60 mm.· Resolution (10-bit).· IP65 oil-proof protection.· Strong shaft. For the most recent information on models that have been certified for safety standards,
01070-851: Encoder, Incremental, XHS35F-100-SS-1024-ABZC-28V/V-SM18
on smaller diameter shafts. It can be mounted on a through shaft or a blind shaft with a closed cover to maintain its environmental rating. The HS35 is also available with a dual output option (inset)
62H3030-H9-040C: Encoder; Optical; High Torque; Concentric; 45 Deg; 12 Pos; Pushbutton; Cable
HEDS-5500#E14: Encoder Kit 2ch 200cpr 5mm
HEDS ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 200 ; 5V ; 5mm Open
EC11E09204A4: Encoder, Vertical, 11mm, 18det, 9ppr
2 ; 5VDC
HEDL-5540#A02: Encoder Line Driver 3ch 3mm
Line Drivers are available for the HEDS-55xx/56xx series and the HEDS-9000/9100/9200/9040/9140 series encoders. The line driver offers enhanced performance when the encoder is used in noisy environments,

HEDL-5540#A06: Encoder Line Driver 3ch 1/4"
HEDL-5540#A11: Encoder, Rotary, 500ppr, 3ch
HEDL-5605#A06: Encoder Line Driver With Cable
HEDL-9000#U00: Encoder Line Driver 2ch 2048cpr
HEDL-9040#B00: Encoder Line Driver 3ch 1000cpr
HEDL-9100#A00: Encoder Line Driver 2ch 500cpr
HEDL-9140#A00: Encoder Line Driver 3ch 500cpr
HEDL-9140#I00: Encoder Line Driver 3ch 512cpr
RVI50N-09BALA3TN-01000: Encoder, Incremental Rotary Encoder, 104750
68A223C-L9N-02C: Hall Effect Encoder, 100rpm, 3.3v
FEATURES· Quadrature Output - choice of open collector or push / pull· Debris resistant hall effect sensor technology· Over 1 million rotational cycles· Integrated pushbutton· Low power consumption· Reverse

68A225C-L9S-02C: Hall Effect Encoder, 100rpm, 5v
625801-2: Optical Encoder
Optical ; 12 ; Yes ; Yes ; Panel Mount ; Cable with Connector
EM14A0D-C28-L032S: Encoder Opt Rotary 32ppr W/sw
EM14 ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 32 ; 5V ; 1/4" Dia Flatted
01039-1981: Encoder, Incremental, XH20DB-37-SS-250-ABZC-28V/V-SM18, 5-28VDC, 924-01039-1981
The is an extremely rugged encoder designed to economically fill the resolution range to 4096 cycles per turn. This compact unit features a shock resistant disc, heavy duty bearings, and EMI shielding.

01039-2096: Encoder, Incremental, XH20DB-37-SS-256-ABZC-28V/V-SM18, 5-28VDC, 924-01039-2096
01039-2259: Encoder, Incremental, XH20DB-37-SS-50-ABZC-28V/V-SM18, 5-28VDC, 924-01039-2259
01039-2630: Encoder, Incremental, XH20DB-37-SS-2-ABZ-28V/V-SM14, 5-28VDC, 924-01039-2630
01039-2635: Encoder, Incremental, XH20DB-37-SS-100-ABZ-28V/V-SM14, 924-01039-2635
01039-2863: Encoder, Incremental, H20-37-SS-500-ABC-28V/V-SM14-S, 924-01039-2863
01039-2881: Encoder, Incremental, XH20DB-37-SS-10-ABZ-28V/V-SM14 , 924-01039-2881
01039-2967: Encoder, Incremental, XH20DB-37-SS-256-ABZ-28V/V-SM14, 5-28VDC, 924-01039-2967
HEDS-9732#T50: Encoder Small 2ch 2000cpr Std
HEDS ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 2000 ; 3.3VDC ;
E6A2CW3C-200: Encoder, Rotary
Miniature Rotary Encoder for Positioning in Space-Confined Areas s Wide variety of supply voltages and output forms to match input devices s Models with zero index function ideal for positioning applications s
HEDS-5500#I02: Encoder Kit 2ch 512cpr 3mm
HEDS ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 512 ; 5V ; 3mm Open
HEDC-5562-E06: Encoder Kit 3ch 200cpr 1/4"
Optical ; Quadrature with Index (Incremental) ; 1024 ; 4.5 V ~ 5.5 V ;
25BF22-B-1-16F: Encoder Mech Pc 16pos Sngl
Features·Multiple Code and Indexing Choices·Reliability Tested to Listed Specifications·Less than 1.0" Square·Termination Choices·Panel and Shaft Seal Option·Manufactured to ISO 9001 and Military Standards·Custom

25BP11-B-1-32F: Encoder Mech Pc 32pos Sngl
25BP12-Q-1-30C: Encoder Mech Pc 30pos Sngl
25BP15-Q-1-24C: Encoder Mech Pc 24pos Sngl
25BP18-Q-1-20C: Encoder Mech Pc 20pos Sngl
25BP22-B-1-07: Encoder Mech Pc 7pos Sngl
HEDS-9141#G00: Encoder Module 3ch 360cpr
HEDS ; Optical ; Quadrature with Index (Incremental) ; 360 ; 5V ; Actuator
HEDS-9780#G54: Encoder Small 2ch 360cpr 80khz
HEDS ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 360 ; 5V ; Codewheel
ES14A0D-E28-L032N: Rotary Optical Encoder 14mm W/ba
Features n RoHS compliant* n HCMOS, CMOS and TTL compatible n Compact package size n High rotational cycle life n Ball bearing shaft support n Recommended for machine/machine interface applications (MMI) Electrical

DE2-0-1-32: Incremental Encoder
Model DE2 Custom Automotive, Industrial or Medical Applications FEATURES· Patented Silver-in-GlassTM Switching Element Technology· Two Channel Quadrature Output· Optional Index Pulse· 32 Pulses Per Revolution
EM14A0D-B24-L064S: Encoder Opt Rotary 64ppr W/sw
EM14 ; Optical ; Quadrature (Incremental) ; 64 ; 5V ; 1/4" Dia Slotted
EC11B15242AE: Encoder, Horiz, 11mm, 30det, 15ppr
2 ; 5VDC