F-117X part details
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TitleIsolation Transformer, 9.6 Va, 1 X 115v, 24v, 400 Ma
CompanyTriad Magnetics
DatasheetDownload F-117X datasheet
Power Rating9.6VA
Isolation Transformer Primary Voltages1 x 115V
Secondary Voltages24V
Current Rating400mA
Plug Type-


Features, Applications
POWER TRANSFORMER Chassis Mount: Single Secondary

Electrical Specifications (@25C) 1. Maximum Power: VA 2. Primary: Hz 3. Secondary: @ 0.400 Amps 4. Voltage Regulation: 20 % TYP @ full load to no load 5. Temperature Rise: 35C TYP (45C MAX allowed)

Description: The F-117X is part of a series which has a long history of reliable service in the field, made from a proven design and constructed with UL recognized materials.

Construction: Wound on a single channel nylon bobbin. Materials are UL recognized, Class (130 C) rated.

Safety: These products are 100% hipot tested with an insulation of 1500V between primary and secondary windings as well as between the primary / secondary windings and the core.

Mounting Hole Diameter:.187 in Lead length: 7.0 inches + 1 inch Weight: 0.80 lbs

RoHS Compliance: As of manufacturing date February 2005, all standard products meet the requirements of 2011/65/EU, known as the RoHS initiative. * Upon printing, this document is considered "uncontrolled". Please contact Triad Magnetics' website for the most current version.

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