166F5 part details
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TitlePower Transformer
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Features, Applications
Filament & L.V. Rectifier Use - Single Primary (166 Series)

Economical single primary 115 VAC, 60 Hz. or 117 VAC, 50/60 Hz. (see tables). If you require dual primary 117/234 operation, see our 266 series)

All secondaries center tapped, VAC (RMS) Open style, channel bracket, two hole chassis mount. Minimum 6" long leads. Dual bobbin design - no electrostatic shield required. We use Class B insulation (130 degrees, C) for extra protection - UL listed as a Class A (105 degree, C) design. Hi-Pot test of 2,000V RMS. UL listed. CSA certified.

Others parts numbering
166N24: Isolation Transformer, Open Style, 96 Va, 1 X 115v, 24v, 4 A
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ILR-10-0001: Il5 Pulse Transformer Tht 0.25a
ISNA-0235-D103: Isna Pulse Transformer Smd 0.1a
ITNA-0235-D103: Itna Pulse Transformer Tht 0.1a
IX-30-0001: Ix5 Pulse Transformer Tht 1a
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