MC15F-1 part details
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TitleVariable Transformer, 240 V, 270 Vac, 15 A
DatasheetDownload MC15F-1 datasheet
Input Voltage240V
Output Voltage270VAC
Output Current15A
Constant Current Load-
Knob Rotation-

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Features, Applications

Low cost. Precision wound. Rugged construction. Standard connections. Simple to use. Easy to install. Open Wound.

1. Installation, commissioning and maintenance should only be carried out by suitably qualified personnel. 2. Read all of the instructions before you use the transformer. 3. The input must always be applied across the appropriate terminals. Never connect the transformer in series with the

load. 4. The transformer should be properly earthed using the earth stud or earth terminal. 5. This transformer operates at mains Voltage. DO NOT EXCEED THE MAXIMUM VOLTAGE AND CURRENT RATING. 6. This transformer is not designed to provide mains isolation. 7. Please note that when connected to the electrical supply the terminal brushes and tracks surface are at mains voltage which is

potentially lethal. 8. The carbon brushes should be inspected for damage or wear, faulty or over worn brushes will result in damage to the windings.


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