N-55MG part details
CategoryTransformers => Others => Step Up Down Autotransformer
TitleTransformer Isol
CompanyTriad Magnetics
DatasheetDownload N-55MG datasheet
TypeUnit with 1 Outlet and Power Cord
Power (Watts)250VA
Usage115VAC to 115VAC

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Features, Applications

Description: The N-55MG is power transformer for isolating equipment from direct connection to the power line. It is constructed with nonconcentrically wound coils. The primary and secondary are wound on separate arbors, then assembled on a laminate core side-by-side separated by insulation. This prevents electrical connection under normal or overload conditions between the primary and secondary windings.

Safety: These units are designed with 1500V isolation between winding to winding and between winding and core. Materials and construction are rated for Class B insulation system.

Weight: 11.0 lbs Mounting Holes:.375 x.187 Connections: 6 ft. long cord, 5-15P NEMA Plug, 5-15R NEMA Receptacle

RoHS Compliance: As of manufacturing date February 2005, all standard products meet the requirements of 2011/65/EU, known as the RoHS initiative.

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